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A painful infection of the udder tissue and inflammation of the mammary gland

Mastitis usually occurs as an immune response to a variety of bacterial sources present on the farm, bacterial invasion of the canal, and can also result from chemical, mechanical or thermal injury to the cow's udder. Mastitis can also be caused by a blocked milk duct or by bacteria entering the udder.

Mastitis is a multifactorial disease, closely related to the production system and the environment in which the cows are kept. Symptoms

The most obvious symptoms of clinical mastitis in the udder are swelling, heat, hardness, redness or pain.

Milk takes on a watery appearance, flakes, clots or pus is often present.

A reduction in milk yields, increases in body temperature, lack of appetite, and a reduction in mobility due to the pain of a swollen udder are also common signs.


Hygienic teat management:

Disinfection and dry cow therapy

Nutrition can also play a role in mastitis risk. (Vitamin & Mineral requirements for proper immune function.) Mastitis Solution

Mast Heal Spray reduces the incidence of introducing harmful bacteria during milking or through environmental contact. Aayumast is a superior formulation of multivitamin, which strengthens the immune system and increases performance in Milch animals

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