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Veterinary Medicine Solution for all Derma Problems under one roof

Ketosis and Related Problems

We would like to share with you some of the most common skin problems in your pet that your fur babies may experience and how to treat them.


An abscess is a painful collection of pus, usually caused by a bacterial infection receives below the skin or cow udders. This may manifest if cattle come into contact with a contaminated twine, claw, teeth, or nail. Generally, abscesses gift themselves as small spheres that ultimately break via the skin. Although abscesses may additionally appearance minor at the beginning, they are able to make an animal unwell if the infection spreads to the encircling tissues or bloodstream. An abscess won't appear for as much as a week after the initial damage.

If you notice that your tamed animals have an abscess, firstly wipe the wound carefully. Then, with gentle pressure try and drain out the liquid from the wound. Remember to be gentle to avoid the risk of forced infection. After drainage apply Our Ointment or Mastheal Spray on wound for fast relief. Always make sure to keep the wound clean and consult a vet before taking significant action

MASTHEAL - An abscess can be treated with Ointment & Mastheal Spray Also oral or injected antibiotics should be administrated and consult a vet before taking significant action


This is a horrible disease caused when flies laying eggs on another animal, which hatch into maggots and eat their 'hosts' flesh. If an animal becomes infested, seek immediate veterinary advice. Even though it is most not unusual in young calves, it is able to have an effect on older livestock, as nicely. The disease usually spreads during the rainy and wet season of summer as flies spread vigorously during this season.

To treat flystrike is to cut any disheveled or wet hair and wool and cast off the maggots. You'll be capable of use insecticides or larvicides to kill the final maggots. Antibiotics like penicillin or oxytetracycline may additionally help treat this livestock wound. Usually communicate on your vet before giving your animal a brand new remedy.

To treat flystrike, firstly we have to cut all tangle or wet hair and wool and cast off the maggots. You'll be to use insecticides or larvicides to kill the final maggots. Antibiotics like penicillin or oxytetracycline may additionally help treat this livestock wound. Do communicate with a vet before giving your animal a brand new remedy.

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If your dog is itching like crazy or you notice patches of fur missing, your pup may have mange. This irritating skin condition is caused by microscopic mites that infest the skin. A few mites feed at the skin’s floor, which reasons the animal to scratch the vicinity and irritate it. A few mites burrow deeper into the pores and skin, which reasons an even greater extreme reaction. These mites prefer hairless skin and tend to burrow into ear flaps, elbows, and the belly. Check those areas for red, scaly skin. In later stages, the ears may get a crusty edge. The presence of the sarcoptic mite causes intense itching.

Remedy for mange

  • Apply olive oil directly to the affected area to help soothe the skin, and might as well help get rid of mange mites.
  • Bath with apple cider vinegar can help get rid of the mange mites
  • Borax and hydrogen peroxide sponge bath is a popular treatment
  • If there is no improvement then best solution is seeing a veterinarian
  • Sarcoptic mange is highly contagious to other dogs and humans as well. But we have a remedy for this critical problem.

TICFIX - No need to worry, we also have remedy for this critical problem.

Open wounds

Wound is an injury, usually occurs due to a fight with any other animal, walking into something which can poke your cattle, risky residing environments, or just an accident.

Some common examples of open wounds are deep cuts, puncture wounds, abrasions, gunshot wounds, penetration wounds, etc.

Clip the hair around the area. Gently wipe with the water-based lubricant and clean the area around the wound. Apply a non-stinging antiseptic solution to the area to speed up healing.

You can use a topical wound spray - AAYUCURE

Foot Rot

Foot rot is an infectious ailment in cattle. The first sign of infection is swelling of the skin between the claws of the hoof. The swelling is painful and may cause the animal to limp, or refuse to move. Tendon & joints in the area may also cause infection.

Commonly farmers treat foot rot by rubbing a sterilized rope or twine between the animal's toes to remove necrotic tissue, followed by applying a topical antimicrobial, and keeping the foot clean and dry. In severe case,

A-FMD can provide maximize protection against foot rot.

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